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The Spanglish brand name began in 2012 but its history goes as far back as my abuelita Rosa’s food stand en el mercado en El Salvador where she sold pupusas to soldiers during la Guerra civil. 

Fast forward to May 2020 when she went on to be with the Lord; I was reminded of the torch that she left behind that I knew I was called to carry on. 

Being a full-time homeschooling mompreneur, I knew that I could carry on the flavors I grew up with in something as simple as a bottle. 

So I got to work and came up with my own adobo recipe. Now I present to you: “The ONLY thing you’ll ever need to season your food with™️.” 

Add to any food from your vegetables to your pot roasts, and experience the undeniable flavor of Spanglish™️ Adobo.

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