Sharia A. Wallace

     Sharia Alyse Wallace is an artist local to the Philadelphia region. Her artistry spans nationwide and is showcased from Philadelphia to Miami. Sharia's artistic ability has led her to model, dance, design clothing, published works or poetry and song writing. She also anticipates releasing her first published novel in 2022.

      Her pieces are inspired by emotional, spiritual and political stimuli. Sharia is an activist as well as an artist, using visual arts to depict the social climate and present issues. She is a devoted wife and mother of 5 brilliant children, and aims to create economic freedom for coming generations. Her ambitions, rooted in the context of community, unity, and oneness, have led her to embark on the journey of I SAW VISIONS.

      Her platform of motherhood, activism and art combine to create a foundation for ample commerce in the TriState area. She has aligned herself with the brightest artisans of our time in order to create a hub of outstanding expression. Sharia’s educational background of business and communication has collided with her dedication to community.


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