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A.Lawful Truth Enterprises LLC. began as something small, DivineMuvaDiva or “Muva Diva” as she’s often referred to as, shared facets of her life through short stories on social media. In many instances, she confronted the hard truths in between where they are and where they aspire to be. In the midst of telling her truth, emerged an idea to help others share their stories and be their most authentic self. A creative herself, she vowed to create that same space for future generations, thought leaders that will impact and transcend all limitations in the world. Today that vision continues she helps her clients, ranging from college students to professionals, strengthen and develop their leadership skills that will make them more competitive in today’s workforce. She Leads dynamic workshops that encourage and promote leaders to ascend with confidence. Muva Diva believes the world needs more creative thinkers who can quickly adapt to their environments, thus generate more revenue for their businesses and meeting personal and client goals. More importantly, thought leaders who will impact the business world.